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Una película de animación que relata las aventuras de una niña que debe resistir las burlas de sus compañeros de colegio por la particularidad de su nombre y apellidos: Anina Yatay Salas, ya que los tres se leen igual en ambos sentidos. Incluida en el apartado Generación del Festival de Cine de Berlín del 2013.

**We make mistakes, but we learn something out of it, that’s what school is for to teach us.**

A little sweet animation from South America. The official entry from Uruguay for the best foreign language film at the 2014 Oscars, but did not make into the final. This is the story of a little school girl, Anina, followed by a fight she has got into, as a punishment she and the other girl gets each a sealed letter from the school principal to safeguard until the further notice. Through those days what she learns and how it comes to end leads to the final segment of the story.

Well intended story, but a bit lacks the cheerfulness. I mean in some parts it falls short in development and keeps it dull mood. Especially in the early mid parts, but later on till the conclusion, it’s got a better. Visually, its stunning on its own way, surely an impressive animation, but overall film was short as 80 minutes. Adapted from a children’s novel and beautifully made.

For me, I think they should have been a bit careful. There’s nothing problem in the story, sketches or in the pace, but the overall flow was not sparkling enough like those Hollywood counterparts. Other than those tiny stumbles, this is a fine animation, especially being a non North America, Europe and Japan product. Not a must see, but I don’t find any strong reason to skip it, particularly for the animation fans.

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