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Cuando uno de los atracos que lleva a cabo Casey Stein sale terriblemente mal, este se encuentra en la carrera que encabeza el despiadado jefe de la mafia, Hagen. Ahora Casey tiene una preciada y cara carga entre sus manos que debe proteger para pagar la emergencia médica de su novia, Juliette, que está en el extranjero. Por ello, Casey llama a un ex empleado y contrabandista, Geran, para que proteja a su novia antes de que el mafioso ponga las manos sobre ella.

**Quick money always ends in a big trouble!**

It’s one of those films with aimless narration. Indeed, it has a nice cast and characters with the basic storyline, but that did not expand and explored well as it should have been. At least the pace of the narration looked fine. Some characters looked unnecessary, and so a couple of scenes. If these all were managed, then still it could have been a decent film. Because since it is an action- adventure, they did not generate those crucial parts like the stunts and dialogues related to the gangster thing to turn it a better film in its kind.

The two veteran actors coming together for the first time added more curiosity than flavour we are looking for. They did okay and so the rest of the cast. Ideal runtime, a few stuffs were in the favour of the film, but those were not enough for the overall success. If the same film was made from the non-English world like perhaps Germany, which was one of the producers of the film would have done better than this existing one which is very familiar with this language.

People would watch it only for Hopkins and Kingley and so did am I. But they might end in disappointment, or that could be the reason to rate it fairly better. Whatever, this is an okay film, which is barely entertaining and of all, not a boring film. So trying it for one is okay, but I think not worth if you have got plenty of options over this one.

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This is the type of hammy, bad, mindless, unoriginal action flick that I am actually able to somewhat enjoy.

_Final rating:★★★ – I personally recommend you give it a go._
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