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Dear White People

Cuatro estudiantes negros asisten a una universidad de la Ivy League donde un motín estalla cuando tiene lugar una fiesta de temática "afroamericana" organizada por estudiantes blancos. La película explora la identidad racial en la América post-racial, mientras teje una historia sobre forjar un camino único en el mundo.

**Is it about the student politics or racism?**

Actually, I don’t understand this film, I mean the story, what it intended to tell us. Maybe it’s for Americans only. I thought it could be some underrated cool comedy, but what I just saw was definitely not expected. I kind of felt it was a student politics and if it stayed like that way I would have had no problem. But they said it is a comedy and I did not get any, in between it became a racism thing. I never understood this American racism, why they’re making it so complicated. Especially the condition of the US is not looking good right now and this film pours a more oil to it. I’m neither white nor black or an American, and sorry I did not find it a good film. Even more, I don’t get, how a television series is getting ready to follow-up it. So no offense for those who liked it, seems I’m in a wrong place. I just rated and reviewed what I felt it deserves, other than that I’m not against the film. I’m out of here!

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