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Phebe Fahim : I bought these sheets for my mothers tempurpedic adjustable king bed. With her adjustable bed she tends to have issues finding sheets that will stay on her bed when she raises the top part of the bed. I’ve bought her at least 3 sheet sets and none of them have worked out for her. Not only do they stay on great but they also feel great.

Ngọc Dung : I purchased this along with Dream On Me 3″ Portable Crib Mattress. The mattress is about an inch too short for my playpen on one side, so to compensate I rolled up a Circo fleece blanket longways I got at Target and stuck it alongside the mattress UNDER the sheet! The sheet holds it well and doesn’t pull any, even given the extra inch of fabric, it also fits the mattress well without the blanket under it, I checked!
I was pleased with the softness of the fabric as well, it’s quite comfy for my baby, much more comfortable than just the hard bottom Graco supplies! This is over all a great value and I am happy with my purchase!

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